5th October 2020

Eddie Bauer Japan Embarks on the Omnichannel Journey after a Replacement for Mainframe System

OSP successfully migrates large-scale data stored in IBM mainframe system across business for Eddie Bauer Japan and effectively integrates omnichannel services and essential sales data into MOVEX | Order (order management system).


Dressed mannequins in front of the entrance of an Eddie Bauer store in Japan

The Challenge of the Legacy System

Eddie Bauer Japan, an American brand located in Japan, is a leading multichannel retailer of the outdoors and exclusive lifestyle products. Adored by many outdoor lovers, Eddie Bauer Japan’s brand purpose and culture are adventure-driven innovation. So far, it has 58 stores nationwide, catalogues as touch points as well as digital sales channels through its online shop and marketplace like Amazon, Rakuten. It devotes itself to promoting the spirit of outdoors in Japanese market.

As customer buying behaviors and patterns are changing rapidly, sticking with a traditional way of selling is simply not enough. Retailers need to constantly launch new products and services to keep up with the market.

Eddie Bauer Japan has perceived the need and the trend so it made up its mind to strengthen the customer shopping experience. However, its 25-year-old legacy mainframe had trouble delivering the required information in real time. The transaction speed was limited, let alone respond to the needs of each business unit.

OSP’s Experience of Cooperating with Japanese Client Brought to Eddie Bauer Japan’s Attention

For more than 19 years, OSP has been supporting Japanese third-party logistics companies in accomplishing numbers of WMS (warehouse management system) projects. The long-lasting cooperation with Japanese market brought us closer to Eddie Bauer Japan and even gave OSP an opportunity to present a cloud-based omnichannel solution. In 2017, OSP earned the trust of Eddie Bauer Japan and had the partnership started.

The adoption of agile management and a gradual replacement of legacy mainframe allow OSP to swimmingly minimize the risk and the uncertainty of data migration during this project. Even if it‘s the complicated enterprise data in relation to items, customer, orders and etc., it’s all migrated into MOVEX | Order safely with stability.

Simplifying Business Processes with MOVEX | Order and Integrating Online and Offline Data

Aside from data migration, OSP even leverages the know-how in retail to create automated workflows. For example, the staff can now quickly record what items to purchase this season and easily pass it to the manager rather than preparing piles of redundant paperwork. The digital purchase order process, powered by MOVEX | Order, is now proven to effectively avoid writing mistakes, keep track of the purchase status and speed up the entire process. Another example is to keep useful automatic store replenishment going to ensure that all stores have safety stock on hand without human intervention.

In addition, 2020 is relatively meaningful to Eddie Bauer Japan as the brand is celebrating its 100th anniversary. The celebration strategy is to launch various marketing campaigns combined with creative promotions provided by MOVEX | Order to appeal to target customers, such as loyalty programs and omnichannel rewards points. Not only that, when making orders on Eddie Bauer Japan’s online shop, customers no longer need to wait for promotion calculation process but can instantly see the final price after discount with giveaways.

A quality call center is responsible for keeping customers happy and providing personalized content to keep them engaged. To support operators in delivering excellent customer service, OSP integrated Eddie Bauer Japan’s customer data and orders from cross-channel. All sales data is now at the call center’s disposal. Responding customers‘ requests becomes a lot easier and faster.

Click & Collect as a New Focus in Omnichannel

It goes without saying that the centralized inventory management with transparency and flexibility plays an important role in the omnichannel business. Inventory for B2B supply chains and for B2C end consumers can be easily controlled in one place.

It also becomes a backbone of MOVEX | Order when OSP realized an emerging omnichannel service Click & Collect for Eddie Bauer Japan this August, which could seamlessly connect brick and mortar experience with digital shopping experience. Customers can then pick up their shopping ordered online at the stores that they often go to. The advantage of Click & Collect is that it not only saves customers some time but also brings convenience to the customer journey. Meanwhile, it gives store assistants a chance to encourage customers to purchase additional products such as garments, backpacks and etc. to facilitate cross-selling in the store.

Sustainable Business Growth

OSP offers top-notch technology and service. With its unique capability and scalability, MOVEX | Order ensures Eddie Bauer Japan’s business to operate smoothly while it reaches the peak of growth or for further expansion for years to come. Massive volumes of enterprise data will all be handled properly as well in the future.

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