Blockchain as Game Changer in Logistics and Retail


OSP expands blockchain expertise

The blockchain technology offers enormous potential for industry, retail and logistics that goes far beyond crypto currencies. Supply chain management, financial services, transport or the Internet of Things (IoT) – in various areas, common processes can be turned upside down by means of blockchain in the coming years. Everyday use cases for logistics and retail are in demand in order to exploit the potentials of the technology.

Blockchain technology – parcels

Blockchain creates trust via data chains

Blockchain – also known as distributed ledger technology – is initially a basic technology that can be used in many different ways. At its core, these are distributed databases consisting of blocks. The individual data sets are linked together by encryption methods and transaction data in such a way that manipulation is impossible. In this way, the blockchain creates trust, even if the client and contractor do not know each other.

This system can be used for numerous applications in retail and logistics, as supply chains and proofs of origin of goods become transparent and trackable. Crowd shipping, i.e. parcel delivery by private individuals, could also be realised with the help of blockchain and provide a solution for the great challenge of the "last mile" in online retail. 

OSP relies on Blockchain

OSP has been building expertise in distributed ledger technologies and developing ideas and solutions since 2017. In addition, OSP and the EOS Group recently presented a proof of concept for field services.

"Blockchain has the potential to change almost every industry, including retail and logistics. As a tech service provider, we see ourselves in a pioneering role, want to set important impulses and are available as a partner for use cases," says Sebastian Müller, team leader at OSP. One can look forward to the future of Blockchain in retail and logistics.

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Marcus Müller, Account Manager

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