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Software development for efficient processes in retail and logistics

High-performance software is the driving force of digitisation – including in retail. OSP offers a broad range of services and expertise in software development for retail and logistics. We develop performant software solutions along the entire value-added chain in retail. From purchasing, marketing and customer retention to order management and invoice processing, as well as warehouse administration, logistics systems and dispatching, we keep the customer’s processes and requirements firmly in our sights.

For us, the goals of the relevant company are a key focus in all phases of the software lifecycle, regardless of whether it’s for new developments, enhancements, refactoring of older systems, or support and maintenance tasks. Our developers programme software solutions for web and mobile applications, client, front-end and back-end systems, and for big data and databases. OSP plans both complete standard solutions as well as adaptations and additions to existing systems. In doing so, we work with modern, agile methods, modern programming languages and the latest technologies. 

Individual application or complex software – our development services

Icon Web Development

Web development

OSP develops performant web applications for the implementation of your business idea and your online shop – ensuring they are platform-independent and user-friendly.

Icon Backend Development

Back-end development

We ensure stable processes behind online retail and logistics – with back-end software for data processing, integration and system connection.

Icon Mobile Development

Mobile development

Be it native, web or hybrid app – OSP covers the entire spectrum of mobile applications, including solutions for mobile commerce and mobile payment.

Icon frontend design and development

Front-end design

We are development and implementation partners for front-end solutions and design functional and easy-to-operate user interfaces with a modern design.

Icon old systems and migration

Old systems and migration

OSP brings you up to the latest technological level – with development and data migration for refactoring, enhancements and the dismantling of old systems.

Icon Client Development

Client development

We develop and implement complex company applications for desktop and web and plan modern client server architecture with microservices.

Be it agile or classic – development of the highest standard

Our procedural models are as different as our customers. We work with agile methods, with Scrum and Kanban, but we are also experts in classic models of software development and can realise individual mixed forms. Here, we place great emphasis on:

  • Customer-specific requirement management and analysis
  • Consideration of architectural trends and domain-driven design
  • Breakdown of application software into microservices
  • Architecture and design review as well as ongoing code reviews
  • Automated testing and test-driven development
  • Cyclical delivery of parts of the software 
  • Cost awareness and operability with our customers in mind
  • Transparency in the development process and ongoing customer integration

Following analysis, development, implementation and quality assurance, OSP also offers services in the areas of maintenance and support, plus training as required. 

From Java to Docker – our technological competence

When it comes to software development, OSP always uses the latest technical solutions that best suit the customer and the project. Our experts cover a broad spectrum of technologies, programming languages, tools and frameworks, for example:

Icon programming languages

Programming languages

We speak Java, Swift, Ruby, PHP, Python, C, SQL, html and many more. 

Icon Datenbanken


We are specialists in dealing with Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and NoSQL databases.

Icon Big Data

Big data

We are experienced in the processing of big data, for example using Exasol, Hadoop and Teradata.

Icon web technologies

Web technologies

We are well-versed in http, PHP, html, css, TypeScript, JavaScript and many other web technologies. 

Icon Mobile Technologies

Mobile technologies

We develop for iOS and Android, using common tools of mobile development such as Json, Redux/react, Espresso and Node.JS.

Icon frameworks, tools and platforms

Tools & Frameworks

We use modern tools, platforms and frameworks such as Spring Boot, Xcode, Eclipse, IntelliJ, Docker, Mockito, Git, Kubernetes and Apache Kafka.

Professional software development by industry experts

In our software development, we pursue one goal: to create added value for the customer. We therefore place great emphasis on code quality, test-driven development, automation and dynamic architecture.

  • As IT experts, we incorporate technological evolution and knowledge of processes.
  • We have been operating in the area of IT for retail and logistics for 25 years and can fall back on experience from national and international projects. 
  • We are at home with agile methods and work with certified Scrum Masters.
  • Overall networking and knowledge exchange among our experts brings us strength and flexibility.
  • We work in interdisciplinary, cross-functional teams that span different locations. 

Software development projects for our customers


Omnichannel project

Implementation of several omnichannel-enabled web shops as well as introduction of PIM and order management with real-time inventory management for the Thai retail group CP ALL and its subsidiary company 24Shopping.

Delivery web service

Migration to digital customer communication at Hermes Einrichtungs Service: Development of a web service for arranging delivery dates.

Online platform

Support of the management consultancy Systain Consulting GmbH in the development of an online platform for a sustainability initiative focusing on international supply chains.

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Sebastian Sperk, Head of Sales

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Marcus Müller, Account Manager

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