The MOVEX | Live Shopping features at a glance

With MOVEX | Live Shopping you get more than just software: this platform offers you the opportunity to develop your new sales channel in video commerce entirely according to your requirements. Open up a new type of sales market that offers you long-term prospects for the future and allows your products to be experienced interactively.

Live shows are at the heart of live shopping. Whether you want to present products or entertain the audience, creating a show is the first step to a successful live shopping event. Our software makes show creation as straightforward as possible.

With Shoppable Clips, you can bring shopping into your recorded videos. This allows your viewers to buy the products presented in interactive video segments directly. You can also easily integrate the product clips on the corresponding product page – giving your customers even more vivid information about your product range.

Bring your products to life for your customers and let authentic product clips appear automatically on the corresponding product page.

By using artificial intelligence, you can concentrate fully on selling your products. AI features such as a chatbot not only make it easier for you to answer questions in the chat in live shows, but also ensure that no customer inquiry goes unanswered 24/7 in video-on-demand.

To maximize participation in live shows, you can also include a widget on individual pages of your website in MOVEX | Live Shopping. The widget is visible to all users who visit your website when a live show is running and automatically displays a video preview of the show and informs visitors to your e-commerce website that you are currently live.

Collect your video content in the media library and make it available for long-term use. The media library contains all the shows, videos and clips you want to display on your website. Put together individual playlists and choose the right design for integration on your website.

Stream directly and easily from your smartphone using the MOVEX | Live Shopping app for Android and iOS. You can also combine external broadcasting solutions such as OBS with MOVEX | Live Shopping to stream live.

By analyzing relevant KPIs from your shows, you can gain valuable insights into audience behavior, measure audience engagement, identify successful content strategies and optimize future shows to increase engagement and conversions.

Customise MOVEX | Live Shopping to match your corporate design and corporate identity. Your brand will remain permanently in the minds of your customers.

Live Shopping Show on different devices Shoppable clips in storyblock view Product page with matching video clip AI moderator support Live show floating action button on the website Shoppable clips and VoD shows within media library Streaming app for live shopping shows Video Commerce Analytics Flexible Branding Features

How you benefit from MOVEX | Live Shopping

Maximum interaction with users

The functional scope of MOVEX | Live Shopping fully meets the expectations of your customers - with live chats, integrated ordering options for the products presented and much more.

Seamless integration in less than a day

MOVEX | Live Shopping wird schnell und einfach in Ihren Webshop integriert und ist durch die einfache Benutzeroberfläche sofort einsatzbereit. Profitieren Sie von einem intuitiv bedienbaren Backend, ganz ohne lange Planungsphase.

Intuitive and user friendly

From the backend to the end customer view: all features are easy to understand and simple to use for both you and your live shopping audience.

Scalable for your needs

We grow with you: Thanks to the top-level technological basis, our software impresses with flawless performance even under high loads.

MOVEX | Live Shopping App and Stream

Find out more about the platform and see for yourself with a demo

In contrast to traditional online shopping, live shopping and video commerce offer more than just text descriptions and product information pages.

Arrange a demo now and see the many advantages of MOVEX | Live Shopping for yourself.

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