Information about our AI assistant

Status: 19 Dec. 2023

The AI assistant can use artificial intelligence to help with questions about our products and services as well as OSP as an employer. It will answer your questions based on the website content.

Please note that the AI is not yet fully developed and that inaccuracies and/or errors cannot be completely ruled out.

The AI assistant is currently in a test phase. We want to find out whether the assistant can help with advice on our products, services and job offers. The data entered will be used for evaluation purposes.

Since you are asking our AI assistant questions, we assume that you agree to our AI assistant addressing you in a promotional manner in its response and that you wish this to happen.

Please do not enter any sensitive and/or personal data and note that your details may be transmitted to the Microsoft Corporation. Data will only be stored within the EU and will not be transferred to third countries.

Please note the disclaimer regarding the use of the AI assistant.
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