29th February 2024

Channel21 launches high-quality shows with MOVEX | Live Shopping

Channel21 takes live content to a new level with MOVEX | Live Shopping!

High-quality live shows at Channel21

Based in Germany, Channel21 Gmbh has been a go-to in the teleshopping industry for years, offering stylish products from consumer electronics to fashion, household goods, and jewelry.

Pioneering innovation and exploring the livestream scene, Channel21 continues to bring excitement not only on TV, but also anywhere anytime through live shopping streams on any device.

This dynamic interaction sets the stage for Channel21's latest venture: a series of live shows that were launched in January. Thanks to our live shopping software, Channel21 covers the spectrum from vertical videos to horizontal content when realizing interactive video commerce.

Dive into the high-quality shows now in Channel21's media library. Get insights and inspiration about the possibilities of boosting sales with live shopping.

We welcome the partnership with Channel21 and anticipate collaborating on new MOVEX | Live Shopping features that enhance the live shopping experience for all.

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