7-Eleven: Omnichannel case for CP All grows


Tablet service enables contactless shopping in times of Corona

OSP has been supporting CP All for many years – and now also in a crisis, which the company is using as an opportunity. In addition to 24Shopping, the Thai retail group also includes the approximately 11,000 convenience stores of the well-known 7-Eleven brand. At the beginning of the year, new customer channels were created with the launch of the webshop 7Online and the integration of a separate shopping module into the existing 7-Eleven app.

7Online: 7-Eleven Webshop Thailand – Kategorieansicht

Due to the Corona crisis, the Thai government has instructed provincial governors to encourage residents to stay in their homes to flatten the infection rate curve. The people practice social distancing and avoid travel. In order to meet these current challenges, a tablet service has now been connected. This allows contactless shopping in the stores.

The idea: A 7-Eleven employee offers customers waiting in front of the shop the opportunity to buy their everyday goods via tablet and order home delivery for essential goods. In this way, customers are supplied with food, household or hygiene items without having to enter the store. The desired goods can then be picked up later or delivered to their home.

The new application is based on the API of OSP's e-commerce application stack and could therefore be implemented within a few weeks. At the same time, a native app is currently being built which is specifically tailored to this use case and includes, for example, a guest checkout.

Universal application stack

The application stack has a modular structure and consists of a central article master data supply (novomind iPIM), an e-commerce platform (novomind iSHOP) and a multi-client-capable order management system (MOVEX Order). Thanks to this infrastructure, OSP is able to provide commerce services at short notice or simply extend them, depending on the client's requirements. Whether web shop, app or terminal - the Tech Stack can be used universally and flexibly for every channel.

7-Eleven TH Playstore App

Long-term partnership

The partnership between OSP and CP All is existing for over 16 years, and together the e-commerce business has been gradually expanded: Web shops were created for various brands of 24Shopping – for example ShopAt24, 24Catalog or amulet24 – to which several apps were connected in parallel.

Under the omnichannel case of 24Shopping, the 7-Eleven stores were also already integrated – customers can pick up their parcels here, process payments and submit returns. Now, since the beginning of 2020, new customer channels for the convenience stores have been established.

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